Tuesday 9 June 2009

80s Decor

Wearing stone-washed jeans, big hair and a pastel cardigan with a lace collar, you stood in the middle of your lovely room and admired the:


wallpaper and flowery dado strip
Chintz and stripes
Pleated coolie-hat lampshades
Swagged pelmets
Tart's knicker blinds
Dried flowers
Miniature straw hats hung on the wall
Corn dollies
Pine, pine, pine
Art involving poppies and wheat
Navy/jade/burgundy/ochre tiles
Plastic tablecloths with kilim print
Palm-tree art
Carpet with diagonal pink and jade splashes (on grey)
Ceiling with diagonal boards.
Bathroom with diagonal tiles.

Mirrors featured largely, and prints by Patrick Nagel. On your glass/bamboo/chrome coffee table was a fibre-optic lamp or a lamp with a hand holding a globe.

The 90s obliterated all this in favour of chrome yellow with French blue, and lilac with mint. Heavy wood furniture and check curtains went with the first; muslin curtains and wrought-iron furniture with the second. And there was a rash of swirly designs with that hand-painted look.

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