Wednesday 1 July 2009

Buzz Words

They come from nowhere, they’re everywhere, and then you ask yourself “When did people stop saying…?”

Already in 2009 we're using:

scrappage (of cars)

carbon leakage (moving industry outside zone which makes you pay for emitting CO2)

CBD for central business district

and churning were much used in May. "Flipping" is refurbishing your house with taxpayers' money and then selling it on. "Churning" is having two homes, and constantly switching their status from "first home" to "second home" and back again.

funds (buy third world debt cheaply then go to court to enforce payment of full amount)

metroplex for hastily built out-of-town city

everything is broken, not just society

In February, people used bolthole a lot, especially having to rent out a Devon "bolthole" because of the credit crunch

crinkly is now crinkle (as in crinkle blouse), though crisp has become crispy

(people above you in network marketing genealogy, ie pyramid-selling pyramid)

kettle (verb) – what the police do to protesters

“older ladies” are now called “senior women

decompress has almost replaced "chill"

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