Friday 11 April 2014

Verbing 4

We might live more easily with more recent converts like oil, pressure, referee, bottle, debut, audition, highlight, diagnose, critique, email, and mastermind if we recalled such ancient verbs as rain, snow, and thunder. (David Hancox We don't mind "author", "fund" or "summer", either.)

Liz Mitchell Boney M singer is blue-plaqued in Willesden. (@NotableAbodes )

caveat: Train stops in Warrington: man with phone gets on "well, tell the builder to caveat out the risks" he shouts into it (mym/‏@LiberalDespot)

X will be remoting in.
pond: Expert on BBC News talking about “ponding” water.

renaissance: You know, sail is so much sexier as a technology than these gasbags. Let's renaissance that instead. (@WillWiles)

daylight: What you do to a lost river.
catfish: Persuade someone over the internet that you are their girlfriend.
gaslight: persuading someone they are mad by providing “evidence”
sunset/rust: What you do to an old Facebook account you intend to close down, or you can sunset a business.

other: turning “exotic” people into the “other”
vague it up (via Susie Clapham @FLASC)
casualty: Industrial action at the BBC... caused several programmes to be 'casualtied' according to a reporter on the News Channel a short time ago. (efrog@cix, March 2013)
monster: turning someone into a monster

And if we can "showcase" something, why can't we "inbox" it?


"Celebrate your extraordinary" "Go directly to fabulous" "Give Exceptional" "Generate positive" "Think Different" "In search of incredible" (AdamNathanielFurman ‏@Furmadamadam )

My morning mellow being harshed by dog owners who think it's cute when their pets chase ducklings. (Sathnam Sanghera ‏@Sathnam )

the shiny

ADJECTIVINGAll nouns can function as adjectives in English. Railway station. Apple tree. Roof tiles. Curtain rail. Hand pump. Pot plant. Aircraft carrier. Table leg. Telephone directory. Mouse pad. Cloud cover. Radio station. Shirt sleeve. Kitchen floor. Cat litter. Log cabin. And whatever you're having yourself. (garyking@cix – that's, the original social medium.)

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