Thursday 5 August 2010

10 80s Commandments

Oh, all right - 13.

1. Nurture, not nature.

2. We create the world through language.

3. Men and women are equal so they must be identical.

4. We can never really know anything.

5. There’s no such thing as talent. Everybody can paint, sing, dance, act, play an instrument – all you have to do is “empower” them.

6. Don’t teach anybody anything (Illich).

7. Nothing is what it seems (Freud).

8. There’s no such thing as illness (Szasz).

9. There’s no such thing as madness (Foucault).

10. There are no rules (so you can’t teach grammar, or music theory).

11. Be here now. You can’t even plan your evening.

12. Feelings are more important than thoughts.

13. It doesn’t matter if it’s true – is it left wing?

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