Friday 27 August 2010

Movie Critic Cliches

What the movie critics really mean – by Doug Saunders of the Toronto Globe and Mail. Cliches from The Deep here. More cliches here, here, here and here. And also here.

demanding unwatchable

rigorous tedious

playful stupid

unabashed shamelessly stupid

aspires, aims fails

subtle emotions no acting whatsoever
beautifully rendered images very, very slow

epic very, very long

provocative sex scenes

tender nudity

effervescent vapid

ambiguous underlit

gritty underexposed

raucous overacted

outrageous performances really badly overacted

raw unedited

simple story underwritten

fluid camera style rock video

vibrant at least one nonwhite actor

urban all nonwhite actors

transgressive all gay cast

flamboyant transgressive, in drag

uncompromisingly transgressive male-male kissing

frank lesbian cast

delirious amateur

hybrid appeals to fans of neither genre
majestic dull

mood piece plotless

moody suicide inducing

sly snide

surreal random collection of shots

uplifting naïve

warm, charming inane

heart-wrenching sappy

seamless sleep inducing

oblique opaque

challenging absolutely unwatchable

intimate home movie

meditative endless

rich overstuffed

original gimmicky

eerie depraved

unsettling nauseating

understated no dialogue

impressive director managed to finish it

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