Saturday 7 August 2010


Amphiboly is a figure of speech that produces a statement that can be read two ways, or even three. Do dogs have worries? Or should we worry about them?

Dogs Found Worrying Will Be Shot
Bishop Lifting Service
Boring Machine Ahead
Brake and Clutch Parts
Caution: Do not run on the stairs. Use the handrail.
Dogs Must Be Carried
“Dragon” academy teaches teenagers who quit school to become tycoons (headline in Observer May 10 09)
Elephants Please Stay Inside Your Car
Fish and Chips Left at Lights
Flying Insect Killer
Help save the world from your desktop!
Incest More Common than Thought in U.S.
Insert finger under flap and move from side to side
Man Not Responsible for Global Warming
Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More than We Think by Brian Wansink
Monster Man Eating Shark
patientslikeme (patient mutual support site, not doctor claiming his bedside manner is the best)
Pedestrians Look Right
Print friendly statement
Save soap and waste paper
Sheep, please keep dogs under control
Slow children crossing
The Society for Visiting Scientists
Toilet Out of Order, Please Use Floor Below
Wildlife Drive Slowly at Night
William Blake pictures found in train timetable bought by Tate
Youths held over body at hospital (yahoo news July 5, 2009)

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