Saturday 7 August 2010


Overwrought barbecue recipes

exasperatingly vapid (Letters to Juliet)

insultingly preachy @IntervalThinks on Earthquakes

A woman who needs only a piano and a microphone to amaze has gone all Mariah: reduced to singing while performing lumpen dancing in indiscreet clothing. SS on Alicia Keys July 10

Overwrought barbecue recipes July 2010

plodding earnestness largely prevails. Daily Telegraph on RSC’s Morte d’Arthur, July 2010

self-important, pompousexcruciatingly self-important and really quite staggeringly boring in the way only a deeply personal film from a deeply important film-maker can be.” The dialogue consists of “pompous philosophising about art, life, creativity and genius” Peter Bradshaw Guardian June 2010 on Coppola’s Tetro

vain Charles Pooter is vain, naive, prim, mean, pompous, gullible, snobbish, conceited and unbelievably gauche but at the same time hard-working, loyal, decent and honest (from intro to the Penguin edition of Diary of a Nobody)

More adjectives here and here and here and here.

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