Monday 17 December 2012

More Found Haiku

Nothing has quite the pathos

of early 90s jazz/funk/pop 

wafting gently across

a neglected airport departure lounge.
Douglas Murphy, 2011)

The autumn leaves float in the puddle

while the denuded tree
casts its reflection in the pool.

Sharing more leads to
Tighter bonds - even in the
World of molecules.
(New Scientist, Oct 2012)

The ocean scares me.
It's so big and you can
barely see.
Suddenly a shark
could swim into view
and grab you.

When walking home,
a series of sights –
a smoking schoolgirl,
a chained-up bike –
are overwhelming in their impact.
Everything I see
reminds me of something else,
but something just out of reach.
(Eva Wiseman, The Guardian, 2012, on migraine auras)

Early morning at the Cape:
Birdsong. Crickets.The thrum of raindrops
on the roof. Jitters.
(Jeff Chu, author of Does Jesus Really Love Me?)

At Birling Gap earlier,
a low cloud/mist rolled past from nowhere.
Pretty eerie.
(Ben Jones/@Ben_Patio)

In the gloom of the rain
the butterfly bush's purple flowers
are almost neon purple.
(@ElizabethBastos/Goody Bastos)

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