Friday 21 December 2012

80s Decor III

When will we get the V and A retrospective, 80s fans? If you can't wait, visit for some fabulous art by Scott Nellis (above) and B.B. La Femme.

Bolted-together scaffolding with chickenwire panels
Sheets of aluminium with holes like offcuts from some industrial process
Mugs printed with large green graph paper
Red-framed spectacles
Wire bins
of hardboard with holes in to hang things off (with coloured pegs and wire hooks)
Metal bunk beds with built-in desks
Butcher’s hooks to hang your kitchen equipment from
Design inspiration: punched paper tape from old computers

30s Oriental
Black lacquer furniture
Pink-tinted mirrors (and pink-tinted mirror furniture)
Acetate kimono
Lily motifs
Ombre flowers
imitating silk paintings (especially on black-rimmed coffee cups)
bamboo chairs
Huge red fans
on the wall
Japanese square lampshades
Low black Chinese style tables with curved legs. 
Art and lanterns with Chinese characters (for Life, Health, Happiness).
Black and gold basketwork wallpaper
Coolie-hat lampshades
Chinese-style latticework
Rattan furniture
Tropical houseplants
Japanese parasols

Random trends
Orange-stained woodwork

Art involving humorous sheep
Art involving saucer hats
Art combining blue skies, clouds and checkerboard floors

Yet more 80s decor.

More 80s decor here.

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