Sunday 16 December 2012

Yet More Predictions for 2013

Bad role model

Someone or some thing will be fingered as a bad role model for young girls.

The media will tell us that:

Etiquette is a thing of the past/undergoing a revival – we visited an etiquette school!

Alternative medicine is no longer the province of cranks.

Children don’t learn to read as fast or as well as we would like. Many adults are illiterate.

Embarrassed men buy lingerie for their wives/girlfriends at Xmas. The wives/girlfriends return it because it’s too small/exchange it for a bedjacket.

People are going in for “hook-ups” rather than relationships.

It is/isn’t OK for a woman to eat alone in a restaurant now. (It isn’t even OK for a woman to eat alone in a café.)

Nobody sits down to eat any more.

Nobody talks about “spinsters” any more. Women don’t need to get married now they can have jobs, unlike in the olden days (when women worked on farms, as servants, cooks, factory workers, nannies, shop assistants, miners, herring gutters, stone breakers, seamstresses, dancers, actresses etc etc etc).

TV ads treat men as lovable idiots.

We are entering a new age of superstition.

Motherhood is denigrated.

Young women aspire to marry rich men (copying those "bad role models").

More predictions for 2013.

More predictions for 2013, 2012, 2011.

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