Sunday 9 December 2012

Inspirational Quotes 26

Social behaviour is so subtle and nuanced that it can't possibly be put into words. And there are no rules! So why do people keep writing to agony aunts to find out what the rules are? They don't count, because they're just a few pathetic inadequates. (So some say.)

Have just been told off by a stranger for walking on the wrong side of the pavement. Seems I breached Dutch pedestrian etiquette. (‏@raganello)

"To be a  Communist," the East End-born Marxist historian Raphael Samuel (1934-96) recalled, "was to have a complete social identity, one which  transcended the limits of class, gender and nationality."

Acting gave me a life. (David Morrissey)

How to find a partner in Japan, from reddit.comDress nice and stand in front of a map looking lost. This is the best way to meet people in Japan without having any friends. You will attract people with decent English skills who are interested in you. If you like them then thank them and ask for their email. If you don't then thank them and be on your way.  Bars aren't that great for meeting nice relationship-type guys for the same reasons they aren't great in the US. Pretty much, the way to meet people is through friends. Those little dating groups. You bring x number of boys, I will bring x number of girls and we will see who connects kind of things. Dress nice, smile, have good mannerisms and hygiene, and never raise your voice.
Before the children at my school broke me of it, I had a lot of crazy idealistic notions. Both my parents were social workers, and I read a lot of books in which good triumphed over evil and people loved you for your inner beauty. (Rebecca Golden, Times Aug 16 06, on losing weight)

I used to dislike going to networking events too so I started telling myself that if I went, all I had to do was stay fifteen minutes; if I didn’t like it, I could leave. Sometimes I do leave after just fifteen minutes, but most of the time I end up finding someone I like talking to or start having a great time and staying. (Caitlin McCabe, Founder & CEO, Real Bullets Branding)

What is it about late capitalism that allows a profitable literary industry to be built on telling us we should appreciate simple pleasures, get back in touch with nature, express ourselves creatively, attend to human relationships rather than material things, come to terms with our mortality, and so on? (Sam Leith, G January 2012)

His acting career had become what he termed "an expensive luxury". (Guardian obit of speaking clock voice Brian Cobby, Nov 2012)

I’m so glad I learned how to make small talk. Cashiers, waiters, people in line, receptionists, girl in book store, etc. You’ll be surprised how willing they are to chat, you’ve become the person that breaks the monotony of their day and they will remember you for the rest of the day. So take it upon yourself to: Go to a random pub, talk to a random stranger, become a regular at a gym, try things at random, if you hear some people you know going out, ask if you can tag along, don’t be that guy that expects to get a call, be proactive, take charge and be in control. (

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