Sunday 10 May 2015

Inspirational Quotes about Politics

People talk about 'lefties' but really, it's just ethics. You look after those weaker than you. (@matthaig1 May 9)

Ppl in this country if they vote, they vote for themselves, tho sometimes not even capable of understanding their own situation. (@AgataPyzik)

We do not have to accept the world as we find it. And we have a responsibility to leave our world a better place and never walk by on the other side of injustice. (Ed Miliband)

I wonder how closely ideological obnoxiousness is correlated with personal obnoxiousness. (@BDSixsmith)

Heroic attempts to say "satire is fine just not about the thing I like". (@almurray)

Sometimes it seems like comedy (esp the big names) are a bunch of really sensitive people telling others to stop being sensitive. (@AmyDentata  )

I used to know people like The Sun at school. Who picked on people's looks and mannerisms. Bullies we called them. (@matthaig1)

Suzy was bullied for being ginger: When I asked for help, I was regularly told by adults to repeat the adage “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. This was not an effective tool to stop the name-calling, nor was it a strategy that equipped me to deal with the hurt. (Psychologist)

Bullies learn best by being confronted with an unpleasant consequence for their actions. (Harry Webb ‏@websofsubstance)

Cyberbullies always hide behind ‘free speech’ as an excuse, but they forget that free speech cuts both ways. (Alistair Canlin @alcanlin)

Protecting free speech has to mean "enabling marginalized people to speak without abuse" not "letting hate speech & threats flow unchecked". (@anildash)

Free speech doesn't mean we can't call people a knob when they say knobbish things. (‏@EyesSkyward)

“I’m a passionate believer in free speech, but” is the new “I’m not a racist, but”. (Milo Yiannopoulos ‏@Nero)

I hate that "I'm entitled to speak my mind" thing. You are also entitled to be nice... (@ClaireWithAn_I)

Loving our neighbors means we probably shouldn't intentionally antagonize them by having "Draw Muhammad" contests. Just an idea... (‏@benjamincorey)

free speech something or another
(Bonjour Tacos ‏@LeightonNeyland)

Since when did "don't punch people" constitute Political Correctness Gone Mad? (@MitchBenn)

Far more interesting than Clarkson is the number of people willing to defend bullying and violence, provided it's done by a big enough bully. (Aditya Chakrabortty @chakrabortty)

For people that claim to LOVE THE CLARKSON BANTS, they all get quite upset at jokes at his expense. (Sarah M ‏@sazza_jay)

The freedom of expression argument tends to protect cyberbullies. The Psychologist

No one really believes that we have a right to totally free speech, except some idiots on the web who use the phrase to justify anything from death threats down. (Mary Beard)

Oh, is everyone going on about free speech again? Cue lots of angry middle class white people complaining about their right to be obnoxious. (@ParisLees)

"If people didn't get offended so easily I wouldn't have to make 20 sockpuppet accounts to harass all the people that upset me." (@AmyDentata)

Harassment is NEVER 'just a bit of banter'. (Gia Armstrong ‏@GeeArms)

Sarah Vine imbroglio reminds me of the wisdom of my old friend Peter McKay: "Dishing it out and taking it are entirely separate disciplines." (Sam Leith ‏@questingvole)

"People were eventually prosecuted, and for me, the most important thing when the first two came to court was the judge's statement. It was the first time an impartial observer had effectively said, 'No, this is not acceptable behaviour.' It was very validating. (Caroline Criado-Perez, Indy April 2015)

It’s hard to avoid white men ruining it for the rest of us by using atheism as just another platform for a macho power struggle. (Jaya Saxena in Guardian on atheism groups, Jan 2015)

Schrodinger's douchebag: A guy who says offensive things & decides whether he was joking based upon the reaction of people around him. (@SallyStrange)

Apparently, we share 57% of our DNA with a cabbage. Some human beings make me ashamed of the remaining 43%. (Joanne Harris ‏@Joannechocolat)

You’ve got to put your foot down, even if you’re in a minority of one. (Katharine Hamnett, Times March 2015)

If you complain, you’re ‘playing the victim’; if you don’t complain, you are a victim.
(Julia Gillard)

Maybe one good definition of privilege is "assuming everything works for everyone else the way it works for you." (Brienne of Snarth ‏@femme_esq)

Sexism isn't the story of women enduring hardship. It's the story of men creating hardship. Racism is the story of whites creating hardship. We tell these stories in the passive voice, focusing on those affected, saying nothing about the ones committing the harm in the first place. ‏(@AmyDentata)

The entire concept of an "SJW" (social justic warrior) is a Strawman set up to silence people who deal with real issues. (Cmdr. Breanna Still ‏@BreeThePhoenix)

From the 1965 Race Relations Act and the 1970 Equal Pay Act, to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976, through to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and more recently the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 and Equality Act 2010. These laws have led to a transformation in people's attitudes. Legislation changes behaviour, and over the years changes the way we think. (Sadiq Khan)

So did it feel like they were all part of a revolution [in the 60s]? “Yes, it absolutely felt like that. People were actually able to bring to an end the war in Vietnam. It felt that we were moving into a new time and a new consciousness. It really seemed the world was changing. There was the idea of rich, poor, black, white: everyone being the same under the skin.” ... It all seems rather bleak. “the big surprise is that the world we made has changed back to the world the way it was before. There is a separation of wealth and we are still at war. Back then we were able to end a war.” (Dorothy Lichtenstein, Times March 2015)

I’ve come to another realisation about race in Britain: it is almost never discussed. [Arguments revolve around] language, not policy or power. (Sathnam Sanghera)

I have little doubt that Ukip supporters will denounce my concerns as those of a narrow, liberal, metropolitan, media elite (though I've sadly never been able to identify the membership secretary of this alluring group in order to send a subscription). (Oliver Kamm in the JC)

They perpetuate the myth that there is an ever more threatening minority demanding special rights from a cowed and pandering nation emasculated by “health and safety gone mad” and "multicultural Britain". (Liverpool Echo on Britain First)

Never underestimate the power, or the venom, of endangered dinosaurs. (KP)

"Mon jardin est plus petit que Rome, mais mon pilum est plus solide que votre sternum!" (Asterix Chez les Bretons)

Parece ser que, no es necesario conocer y entender las cosas para discutir y pontificar sobre ellas. (Terry Lopez ‏@terry_jb Puedes decir eso otra vez, Terry.)

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