Wednesday 7 March 2018

Jobs You Never Knew Existed (in Quotes) 2

Modelling agencies told me they're increasingly staffing secret "atmosphere models" for parties in an industry dominated by men (the tech industry).

An entire industry of “reputation management” companies exists which businesses can hire to create highly believable fake reviews, “fix” their reputation if they’ve received bad reviews, or sabotage their competitors. (

Although she had no qualifications as a nutritionist, the food blogger had sold more than 40,000 copies of her own $25, five-day “cleanse” programme – a formula for an all-raw, plant-based diet majoring on green juice.

Harold Camping is notable for issuing multiple failed predictions of dates for the End Times, which temporarily gained him a global following and millions of dollars of donations. (Wikipedia)

These young bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters - one gathers that they make a fortune by linking up with fashion houses who pay them to push goods, or they are given their own line of clothes or accessories. (Moira Redmond)

"What did you do in the content wars, grandad?" 
"I was an 'influencer', my boy, I pretended to really love things so brands would pay me." (Mic Wright ‏@brokenbottleboy)

Horses can help people with physical issues, speech problems, behavioural issues, emotional problems, and other disabilities. (

Mario Taddei makes his living making the inventions designed by Leonardo da Vinci. (Discovery)

We found a growing industry of “funsultants” offering advice on how to make workforces more positive. (Guardian Dec 2016)

People can say, with a straight face, that they're a "preschool consultant," or that they do "nanny surveillance" or "closet organization". (

Nanoco is the world's leading manufacturer of cadmium-free quantum dots.

He was part of the East Sussex hiphop scene and also put in the hours as a blues singer: neither field is known for producing the stars of tomorrow. At some point he must have bitten the bullet and thought: I could spend the next decade singing for the same ten blokes in the back room of the Prince Albert or I could compromise a bit and see where a major label could take me. (Will Hodgkinson on Rag’n’Bone Man)

Found the website of a clothing co. that makes made-to-measure 10th Dr brown pinstripe suits. Damn. Something else to consider saving for... (‏@LindenG)

Human geographer, transport mathematician, shopping historian. (Nancy Banks Smith in The Guardian Aug 23 07)

Master dinosaur builder. (Aart Walen)

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