Thursday 5 August 2021

Outrageous Excuses 16: Why I Voted Conservative

People who vote Conservative always say they “voted for change”. When the Tories have been in power for – how long? The below were all spotted in the wild.


Of Jeremy Corbyn.
I don’t believe in the European super-state.
Labour massively over-borrowed during their time in office.
Labour spends money it doesn’t have.

I was disillusioned with Labour.
Corbyn would ruin the economy.
Anything else would be a wasted vote.
I was desperate. I didn’t want that communist ruining my country.

I have a nice house and nice things because I work hard for them and am an achiever.
My parents did.
The left have gone too far.
We need a sensible leader (Mrs May).
They’ve done a good job.
I thought we'd get a better deal for the arts.

“I wanted to get Brexit sorted, to get it over and done with. I've had enough of it.”
“I like how they treat the family as the foundation of society.”


I care about the economy.
I am a rational human being.
Social issues don't belong in government.
Social issues will take care of themselves.
I wanted less interference.
The Democrats changed, not me.
That's between me and myself.
I can’t stand the big tech aligned/"woke" left.
Because of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Hillary is the Devil.

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