Sunday 1 August 2021

Outrageous Excuses 12: Woke


Refusing to pick wild flowers or take anything home from a beach.

Banning coloured toilet paper from the house because “the dye poisons fish”.

Raising your kids
to be gender neutral so that they can choose later.

Avoiding correcting people for writing “free reign” because you’re a vegan and reins are made of leather.

As a vegan, you refuse to eat off bone china.

Avoiding chocolate cake because heavier people use more airline fuel when they fly.

Only eating foraged food, avoiding farming or even gardening.

Only letting your child watch black and white movies.

In my country we've been actively discouraged from using BCE/CE in papers, because we found that ethnic minorities, especially those who have their own dating system, find it more offensive not less. The CE part implies that the Western counting system supersedes theirs. (@Zammi)

Would never even think of doing audiobooks unless my vision made it mandatory. Feels too much like cheating, which is how many people without vision issues use them today. (DS)

A female friend found the idea of even quoting stats about male on female violence 'offensive', because it 'implied' there is a victim narrative being imposed upon women. (Via FB)

A comment on Facebook today from somebody who says he has never read a particular book because the paperback's cover showed someone smoking a cigarette. (MO)

A discussion on industrial farmers polluting rivers with chicken sh*t very quickly became “People should eat less meat because they’re obese and don’t take enough exercise and live on junk food and this is why they get ill.”

My little boy calls all objects ‘she’ – how can I bring him up to be aware of gender fluidity? (Letter to Dear Prudence at, paraphrase)

How can I stop my parrot deadnaming my trans sibling?

A woman gave her son’s girlfriend several Christmas presents, including a weighted blanket. The blanket was returned with a note explaining that she didn’t want to appropriate autistic culture. Now she’s posting on FB what a terrible woman her “MIL” is for doing such a thing.

More here, and links to the rest.

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