Thursday 30 September 2021

Grammar: Hypallage/Transferred Epithet 2

In this Ancient Greek figure of speech, an adjective gets transferred to the wrong noun.

lonely road, hopeless dawn, sleepless night

a near catastrophe: nearly a catastrophe

shows the clear influence:
clearly shows the influence

through the bustling halls:
the halls are full of bustling people (Times Oct 2015)

sensitive toothpaste:
anti-sensitivity toothpaste

temperatures still simmered:
creatures simmered in high temperatures

ironing a quick shirt:
quickly ironing a shirt

fond idea: The holder is fond, not the idea.

sensitive subject: one that we’re sensitive about

in a sorry state

He smiled very charmingly into her competent spectacles. (Ngaio Marsh)

A deadly Rubicon
has been crossed. (@BrynleyHeaven The results of crossing the River Rubicon will be deadly, not the river itself.)

Millionaire filled doughnuts: Millionaire’s shortbread is shortbread with layers of chocolate and caramel – the doughnuts are caramel-filled.)

Surely your most burning legacy... (Justin Schlosberg, open letter to Jeremy Corbyn. A legacy of burning importance is meant.)

I have come to the reluctant view that the only way to resolve this is for the country to have the final say. (Tom Watson. He means he has reluctantly come to the view.)

bitingly bleak
marshland: It's swept by biting winds. (Times 2012)

The seasonable norm would be very grateful indeed: It would be welcome, and we'd be grateful. (BBC weathergirl)

This is the most divisive and bitter issue:
Badger culling will lead to bitter disputes. (BBC News)

The elusive search for King Arthur’s court:
the search for King Arthur’s elusive court

She was shrinkingly introduced to London society:
She, not her introduction, was a shrinking violet.

Johnson chucked angry rocks at Parliament. (Laura Kuenssberg, 2023)

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