Monday 29 April 2013

Inspirational Quotes No. 35

You still have to be quite brave not to do the stuff that everyone else does. (Jenny Éclair March 2013 Does she think that's ever going to change?)

A large majority of respondents (83%) of the 2013 Guardian Adventures Happiness Survey said travel is very important to their happiness. In fact, in terms of making people happy travel was deemed more important than marriage and having a baby. (Survey commissioned by a travel company)

Meet, greet, press flesh, push yourself... take risks and sooner or later an addled world takes notice.
(‏@philipmould on how to make it as a portrait artist.)

Provoked woman upturned a bowl of spaghetti on her child’s head. “Over the years the story has become more and more exaggerated… this small act of aggression eclipses everything kind, loving and maternal I’ve ever done. Maybe it’s a lesson in life… if you put one foot wrong that’s probably what you’ll be remembered for.” (Guardian, March 2013)

Grammatical standards are tacit conventions. No one legislates them. Many supposed rules are folklore. (Language expert Steven Pinker, Times 23 March 2013)

Recent research shows that 36% of people met their spouse through work/school; 26% through a friend or family member; 17% through an online dating site; 11% through bars/clubs or other social events; 7% “other”; and 4% through a church or place or worship. (

After all, if there is one activity at which the Church of England excels it is euphemism; its spokespersons are known to use language in a frustratingly vague manner, frequently leaving audiences with no clear impression of what they were trying to communicate. (Indy March 2013)

The difference between a lady and a girl is not how she behaves but how she is treated. (Audrey Hepburn)

Gender equality is when women and men have equal rights, not when women have some of the rights enjoyed by men. (Feminist Aspie)

"Aspiration nation" reminds me of "American Dream" wrongly making the poor the believe they were "temporarily embarrassed millionaires". (@woodo79)

So wickedly devilishly false is that common objection "They are poor only because they are idle". (John Wesley, 1753)

You know someone is religious when they think 'truth' is complicated. No it's not; it's simply what is, was or will be the case in fact. (@LDNSI)

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