Monday 15 April 2013

Whatever Happened To...? 22


alphabetti spaghetti
beaded car-seat covers (80s)
Body Mist
(Weak scent that you sprayed all over your body. People thought it would do instead of deodorant.)
books that told you what your doodles meant

combinations (became onesies)
couch-arm ashtrays in the shape of a saddle (with stirrups)
crinoline lady doll to cover your spare loo roll (laughed off the stage)
crinoline lady doll to cover your telephone, and calling it “the instrument”

earth energies
(an 80s colour), and ecru tights

#FFFrench mustard (moutarde de Dijon, not French’s)
Gibbs SR
toothpaste, Signal stripy toothpaste
Glymiel Jelly

hassocks (for your living room)
home automation (featuring in April's PC Pro)


kirsch and maraschino (cherry liqueurs)

meaningful relationships
novels of manners

people who invited you round for the evening and showed you slides of their holiday
sheepskin car-seat covers (70s)
slingbacks (60s)
social clubs
teak television cabinets

These composers have little in common, but they all know that opera must be theatrical. Too many of their 20th century predecessors saw opera as a bourgeois affectation, too superficial for their aesthetic philosophy. They soon disappeared up their own French horns. Their world is long gone. (Neil Fisher, Times 2013 March 16)

throwing old shoes after the bride and groom, showering them with rice, the bride and groom “going away”

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