Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inspirational Quotes Number 34

Make space in your life and someone will fill it, when you're ready you'll give out the right vibes, you'll find someone when you're not looking - how long do you run the programme for? And can we see earlier results?

She was in her early forties, so well within the bracket of maybe a bad "starter marriage", or a long relationship with a guy who wouldn't commit. (28dateslater.blogspot.com)

Myy facebook newsfeed if printed out would be pretty much a wedding-baby-wedding-baby montage for about 14 feet. (28dateslater.blogspot.com)

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world... Fashion is instant language" - Miuccia Prada.

Social change can take longer than expected. (Philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley)

A UK psychologist said people based their feelings about themselves on real evidence from their lives... Simon Gelsthorpe, a psychologist with Bradford District Care Trust and spokesman for the British Psychological Society, said self-esteem was based on a range of real life factors, and that counselling to build confidence - rather than telling yourself things are better than they are - was the solution. "These are things like, do you have close family relationships, a wide network of friends, employment and [a good] appearance. "If you're not close to your parents, don't have many friends, are unemployed and are unhappy with your appearance, it might be hard to have high self-esteem.” (BBC in piece on how self-help doesn’t work)

I always follow up with a thank-you note afterwards explaining that I would love to hang out again. Then I wait about a week before inviting the gal to do something else. If she's into it, cool. If not, that's fine – the ball is in her court for inviting me to do something. If I really dig her I may send her two invitations before I cede date-making responsibility to her. (jezebel.com explains the etiquette of friendating)

Most people pair off with their aesthetic equals. (jezebel.com)

I thought at first that Hugh, because he was not a very attractive person, got more enjoyment out of parties than people whose private lives are more satisfying. (Arthur Calder-Marshall, The Magic of My Youth He later concludes that Hugh’s assiduous networking might be quite useful for a future career.)

This is a difficult concept for many people to accept, that behaviour patterns can be so radically affected by circumstance, even to the transformation of moral perspective. (Margaret Cook on being the wife of an ambitious politician, Guardian March 9 2013)

I was very shy at primary school and she was a talker so I needed her as my wingman. (Contestant on Bargain Hunt 2013)

He isn’t a big fan of counselling. “One of the flaws is it doesn’t teach people how to do it better. Men need solutions. If you want to sort it out but haven’t the faintest idea how, you need people to give you answers rather than talk about your feelings all day. Research shows that the ‘skills-based’ relationship courses have better outcomes than the ‘insight and awareness’ ones.” (Times, March 16 2013)

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