Monday, 31 December 2018

What I Don't Miss About the 50s 9

I remember the chilblains in winter
And the smell of boiled cabbage indoors
I remember the frost on the window pane
And the many illiberal laws
I remember intelligent women
Disguising themselves to please men
I remember the fear of authority -
Oh yes, we were happier then!

I remember the matchbox collections
And instructions to keep off the grass
I remember the bullying and teasing
And the rigid obsession with class
I remember the tough boiled mutton
Being sent off to board at age ten
And everything shut on a Sunday –
Of course we were happier then!

The man was the head of the household
His bank account shared with his wife
Eat up every scrap you are given
And never eat peas with your knife
We’re not to be thought of as common
And it’s easy to write with a pen
Don’t complain, it’s not flu, just a sniffle.
We were so much happier then!


I remember the cold outside toilets
Spam fritters, white faces and lard,
Gymslips, gingham and spangles
And the strap that struck us so hard.
Why are those days now departed?
I blame the gays and the left 
The hippies, the perverts, the liberals
And the decline of the Daily Express.
(Dan Clayton @DanSeanClayton)

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