Monday, 17 December 2018

Grammar: Adjectives 14

Don't listen to people who tell you to delete all adjectives. Why not tell us what you really think?

I can imagine the press releases full of unutterable tosh explaining how sophisticated the design concept was. Limp McMansion in pink Palladian pyjamas. (Architects fulminate over a tasteless house makeover.)

The UK has a mean-spirited attitude to the poor, says a UN report.

fascinatingly dishonest (

The intergalactically inept Labour Party. (Jo Maugham)

We live in an amazing age of artisanal hand-polished blithering. The man's a da Vinci of gabble-arrangement. (@Dirck_deLint on Jordan Peterson)

Another writer called his output "pseudo-intellectual fluff, drivel-stuffed regurgitated self-help truisms".

Blimey, the whimsical train station piano lobby are still coming at me. (Sathnam Sanghera ‏@Sathnam)

Socially conscious mashups of music, yoga, dance and whimsical costumes. (

Doris Lessing’s Good Terrorist is about a bunch of privileged naive lefties. (@rallen78)

DEFRA emailed a pat statement so obfuscating Stacey Dooley was aghast. (Times on a programme about the cost of fashion.)

An aside of hallucinatory crassness. (Irish Times)

Ed Balls gamely donned a ghastly leotard and climbed into the ring. (Times 2018)

The outline is filled in with richly tatty detail. (Clive James)

Degrading Japanese game shows (JP)

Everything about Perfume looks conceited and overblown, heavy with middlebrow self-importance and spurious period detail. (Guardian on the film 2008)

An annoying 60's go-go music track. (imdb commenter)

It is regarded as a minor cult film thanks to its unrelenting shabby grimness. (Wikipedia on Urge to Kill)

Productions of feeble glamour in London apartments. (imdb commenter on Urge to Kill)

Is this a political drama or a cringey homily? (Carol Midgley on David Hare, paraphrase)

Harry H. Corbett: possibly the most unintentionally dreadful actor of all time. (imdb commenter)

The Perry Mason books. I tried, but they were dreary. Still, my disappointment didn't come close to the incredulous rage I felt when I read The Da Vinci Code. (Petra Meyer)

There are few shopping malls more utterly wretched than the RoyalVictoriaPlace in TunbridgeWells. (Gruntfuttock @peasmoldia)

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