Wednesday 19 December 2018

Grammar: Overstatement and Hyperbole 9

"Trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" are just "political correctness" all over again.  A simple request to be slightly more thoughtful when dealing with other people reinterpreted as the stamp of jackboots by people who will likely never encounter them.

You know Prohibitionists are running short on arguments when they take the “sex work causes climate change” approach. (Eric Sprankle, PsyD @DrSprankle)

PC gone mad! (Thomas the Tank Engine is introducing female trains.)

The ideology of the modern American university is “clearly literally destroying the country”. (Tucker Carlson, Fox News)

Universities have become left-wing madrassas. (Toby Young)

These perpetual offence-takers now rule the world. (Carol Midgley Times April 2018)

East London is a no go area! (Translation: It has a fairly high crime rate.)

We are now an Islamic State. Fact. (Via Twitter, in response to news that there are 460 mosques in London and 500 churches have closed.)

Tesco has left shoppers “devastated” after discontinuing aubergines in a middle-class market town. (Independent. They were also “outraged”.)

Overheard in the café: It's a long time since I heard the word cookery, they don't use it any more. (Doesn't he watch Bake Off?)

Everybody is looking at a phone or a tablet all the time, even when driving, claims a friend.

Top UK Surgeon says students lack dexterity to sew up patients because they spend too much time staring at screens.

Conservative London mayorial candidate Shaun Bailey said that allowing young people access to condoms and abortion services "leads to crime."

By giving children condoms... you normalise sex and they feel it is their divine right to have it. (Shaun Bailey) 

You bring your children to school and they learn far more about Diwali than Christmas. I speak to the people who are from Brent and they’ve been having Muslim and Hindi days off. What it does is rob Britain of its community. Without our community we slip into a crime-riddled cesspool. (Shaun Bailey)

Why did you go on and on about being trans on the Island? (@sharon_cun)
I spoke about it for about four minutes during the whole two weeks. (@parislees)

Anyone screaming "You are a racist" at Jeremy Corbyn has lost every sense of moral proportion. (General Secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey)

They’ve banned the words “he” and “she”! (Some non-binary people like to be referred to as “they” and “them”.)

Same-sex marriage dooms nations. (Placard.)

Darwin’s theories have destroyed and ruined countless lives, marriages and relationships. His unfounded premises have affected true science making it laughable at best. (Carrie J. @ArkhamcityGirl)

The Sikhs' agitation to wear the turban at work indicates a "dangerous fragmentation within society". (Enoch Powell, 1968)

The EU needs to worry about the radical Islamic terror that has destroyed the ENTIRE continent other than Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The rest of the EU has been TOTALLY CRIPPLED!!! They have WAY more to worry about other than "trade". (Joey Mann @JTMann05)

We still have people ready to complain if someone uses a basic Māori greeting on national radio that the language is being “shoved down our throats”. (@LucShorter)

Every bleedin' person that passes me in the street speaks in a foreign language, or with a foreign accent. (From Twitter – he lives in Wells. Or perhaps St Petersburg.)

Facebook is ripping society apart. (Daily Mail)

Detective story writer Ngaio Marsh was “virulently homophobic”. Translation: she made fun of gay men in a way that was common at the time (20s and 30s).

Chesterton was “rabidly” and “virulently” anti-Semitic because he mentioned in a story that a character was Jewish. This man, a hotel proprietor, sends for a priest for a sick employee, while “marvelling mildly at such superstitions”. Chesterton may have been more anti-Semitic elsewhere, but save “rabid” for those who are frothing at the mouth and biting people.

With CCTV everywhere you’ve got no private life at all. (Quote in Times 2017 from someone who’s had it installed in his bathroom)

Why are people so adversarial on social media – this is the end of civilisation! (Turns out they mean “civility”.)

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