Friday 4 May 2012

Dangling Modifiers II

Dripping with diamonds – as in Revlon’s 1952 ad for Fire and ice lipstick – the post-war economy brought money and women knew how to spend it. Times Sat mag, June 11 2011 (What was dripping with diamonds? The postwar economy? Money? Women?)
Born in St Louis, but soon moving to California, her playwright father would move the family to New York, Paris and London. Indy, Aug 2011 (She, not her father, was born in St Louis…)

Detained for over a month by Beijing police, fears are growing for the safety of the Chinese artist. Guardian standfirst May 10, 2011 (Weiwei, not “fears”, has been detained etc)

One of the very first gravel gardens, owner and designer John Brookes was ahead of his time. Telegraph May 2012 (John Brookes is not a gravel garden... you get the picture.)

Worked in the round on double-pointed needles, you're always looking at the right side of your work.

Flooded with natural light, its architect owner has created a home full of drama and surprises.

Facing a subsequent malpractice suit, the funding for his experiments is cut. @ballardian

Made from mahogany and dating from the 19th century, we are sending them off to auction with a price tag of £180. Jenni Bond on Cash in the Attic

Miles from the big cities, you’d be forgiven for wondering why Prestwick is here at all. Neil Oliver on Coast

With a dash of Wilde and a touch of Shaw, we overlook his works at our peril.

Now a beauty salon, I was lucky enough to spot this one having stopped to photo a ghost sign whilst heading home toward the A4. fadedlondon blog

Wearing a yellow dress, a green cardigan and a battered old pair of sandals, Mrs Cameron’s bump was clearly visible. Guardian August 24, 2010

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