Wednesday 30 May 2012

Dialogue II

He said, she said - it gets boring. How about woofling, whingeing or chuntering for a change?

babble Nearly half of Twitter messages are "pointless babble"' – Telegraph 2009 They became constant companions and babbled endlessly about the importance of art in one's life.

bay, bray mobs always bay, while the upper classes bray

burble To describe online discussion as a 'burble of banalities' is unfair – Guardian 2009 He grinned excitedly, his face lighting up with enthusiasm. "And then, those trees!' he burbled. Lin Carter

chunter The optimal response to companies who chunter vacantly about best practice might be the same as for a politician who calls for a meaningless package of measures on the weekend news. Switch off. The Post chuntered that Congressman Adam Schiff is up to no good.

crow Or are we all convinced, in a politically paralyzing way, that Margaret Thatcher had it right when she crowed that ''there is no alternative"?

drone (on) For years, museum officials have been droning on about the need to dispel the notion that art museums are elitist. "Come on," he droned, "I've been ordered to take you down to the bridge. HHGG

froth Milli said she only helped the boys with their laundry, etc, etc, “because I’m a humanitarian”. “I treated them as my brothers,” she frothed. Exactly what Weza said! “I’m a communal person”, “I’m a giver and I give.” In case you haven’t got it yet, “I share because I care,” she frothed. The Namibian 2011

fume “Mean and untrue,” he fumed.

gripe “I can only be in one place at a time,” he griped.

gush Wouldn't it be wonderful, she gushed, for the inmates to hear the joyous music made by her friends from the church during the Christmas season?

huff 'Well, if you're gonna play hardball, no deal,' she huffed.

lecture “Please make sure to post file durations in the Notes field,” she lectured.

natter She nattered on about Bangkok, the bad traffic and the weather.

orate He orated about local vegetation, landscaping techniques, the renaming of the ballpark, the correct side of a nearby mountain to climb, and the perfect month of the year to visit the area, which was of course not this month. Kay Hoflander

patter I didn't even catch any veiled insults as he pattered on about absolutely nothing while we ate.

snap “Fine”, she snapped “it's obvious that you love him more than you love me”.
sniff "Well, that's the official line," she sniffed. "They're bound to say that, aren't they?"

spout Wrestling described as “soap opera for men” by cliché-spouting twit

squawk 'What,' she squawked. 'How could you doubt me?'

utter Werther had a love for Charlotte. Such as words could never utter.

wail “But it's in a can!", she wailed, when the nutritionist suggested affordable tinned chicken in white wine sauce. The Guardian

warble His roster of notable achievements, which include warbling saccharine tunage. Chiara O. Scuri on Justin Bieber,

whimper The book whimpers to a close, and I have the strong feeling that the author has not read into the emerging literatures as well as he might have – there is too much of the old stuff here. amazon review of book on the environment

More synonyms for "say" here.

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